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Monthly Bundles & Specials

Every month we introduce 2 services bundled together that you can purchase for great savings! You can purchase both to be used in that month, and receive 20% off each service. Specials offered regularly!

Tune Up + Tune In

Each month we pair up a “physical” therapy to “tune up”with a therapy to help you “tune in” to your mental, emotional, and energetic state. We want to help you keep the idea of self care forefront in your mind when planning out your monthly schedule.

This month’s bundle: Add Reiki!

We have been experimenting with something over here. We have been combining Reiki with some of our other healing modalities and seeing great results. Each has their own unique benefits and when combined with Reiki, it amplifies the entire experience. Science is finally catching up to the health benefits of Reiki energy healing.  

It works as a great compliment to Bowen, Medical Qigong, CranioSacral Massage, Therapeutic Massage, and Voila.

Add 30 min of Reiki to your service for $30.

Over 20% OFF entire service package

Check out other current specials – call to schedule

Have you tried Voila yet?

Those who have, love it! We’re offering 15% off the purchase of a voila session to be scheduled in 2020. Voila is a proven method for relieving emotional distress and its physical manifestations. Voila can help with a host of ailments including frequent stomach pain, digestive issues, headaches, migraines, jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain, back pain. It relieves stress and promotes a healthy, balanced well being.

Health Consultation with Denise Nickey

FREE phone consultation – addressing nutrition, body pain, emotional distress. This is a great check in on where you’re at in your body, mind, and spirit.

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