Lotus House Retreat Center

Welcome to the Lotus House – where growth happens!

Located adjacent to Carlisle Bowen Works, an award winning alternative healing facility specializing in improving overall wellness and pain relief, the Lotus House offers a variety of options for community support. We host community-related gatherings, events, classes, educational workshops, yoga, meditation, sound healing, nutritional classes, personal and community-related retreats, and anything that supports the health and well being of everyone who walks through our doors … you dream it, we want to support it!

The Lotus House Retreat Center also serves as an Airbnb rental! We’ve had quite a few guests stay overnight or for weekends and leave rave reviews about how comfy our space is and how they love having access to healing services while they’re here.

We are excited to host community gatherings and bring people together in ways that support health and wellness. Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in hosting an event or want information about the Airbnb.

Phone: 717-386-8279 | Email lotushouseofpa@gmail.com

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