History of Bowen Therapy

616 W Main St. Mechanicsburg Pa – 717.386.8279

Tom Bowen
Tom Bowen working with a young girl at one of his free clinics.

Tom Bowen began developing Bowenwork in the 1950s, and continued to practice in Australia until his passing in 1982. According to a 1974 survey of Government, Bowen was performing over 13,000 Bowenwork sessions per year. In over 85% of his cases, the problems for which his patients sought relief were resolved. Bowen also held free clinics for children, people with disabilities, and community service workers throughout his career.

While no one knows for certain how Tom Bowen discovered the precise locations and sequences of his “moves”, we do know that Bowenwork’s use of light pressure follows the “Arndt-Schulze law,” which states that the body responds more deeply and positively to low-pressure stimuli than it does to painful strong stimuli. Tom Bowen discovered and employed this principle long before the Arndt-Schulze law had been formulated.

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